When & Where

June 27th, 2021

Meadowcroft Rockshelter

401 Meadowcroft Road

Avella, PA 15312


What To Expect

BMAC 3D Archery at Meadowocroft Rockshelter will be Pennsylvania's most realistic 3D shoot that simulates what you will experience on your western hunts.  40+ target event testing archers shooting capabilities in high pressure simulated hunting scenarios.  This event is designed to get you ready for your hunt this fall.  Targets will be spread out over 200+ acres.  Shots will simulate everything from a steep, rocky sheep hunt to a flat land pronghorn hunt making this the ultimate archery challenge for bowhunters!

​Recommended shooting stakes will be set for shooters but you can shoot from a closer distance if you aren't comfortable from the stake.  As this event is designed to get you prepared for hunting season each target will have a unique scenario. For Example: 30 second hold, kneeling shot, draw behind tree then move left or right, follow up shot (15 seconds to nock a second arrow and shoot), target acquisition (60 seconds to move into range, acquire target, range/glass and get shot off),  There will be a video available covering these at least 4 weeks prior to event.  Scoring is for bragging rights only so it is up to you if you want to complete the shot under the given scenario or just fling an arrow at the target like you do at a typical 3D shoot

The course is open to trad, compound and crossbow.

$40 per adult archer.  $30 17&under.  Price includes a two day pass to Meadowcroft.

Order of Event

7am - Check in / warm up

8am - Shooter Meeting

9am - Shotgun Start

This event will be capped at 160 shooters

All registered shooters will be entered to win some awesome prizes from our sponsors