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When & Where

Saturday April 9, 2022

Pappas Trading Post

7345 Hwy 14

Arena, WI. 53503

RAFD black image.png

What To Expect


Welcome to the Beast Mode Archery 3D Pop Up Challenge brought to you by the good folks from Raised At Full Draw!


BMAC 3D Pop Up events are the perfect opportunity for bowhunters to practice their accuracy under pressure!

Just because this challenge doesn’t involve a fitness component doesn’t mean your heart wont be pumping and your adrenaline flowing!  The combination of going head to head with your fellow archer and the urgency to nock your arrow, draw, acquire your target and execute your shot as quickly as possible will be exciting for everyone involved. 

The pop up system includes six stations(only 4 per round) that raise and lower targets in a random order that will give you anywhere between 8-14 seconds to complete your shot.  As soon as one target lowers the next is up and ready for you to shoot!  There is also a "runner" that will be deployed on each round that will test your skills at a moving target.  


Men's (Max distance of 35 yards)

Women's (Max distance of 35 yards)

Traditional (Max distance of 25 yards)

Event will be capped at 40 participants

Schedule of Events:

11:30am - Competitor meeting and instructions

Noon - Practice Rounds (Everyone will be allowed one practice round)

1:30pm - Qualifying Rounds (Everyone will shoot two rounds and your combined score will seat you)

3pm - Head to Head Elimination & Championship Rounds (The number of competitors that make it to the elimination rounds will depend on number of shooters and will be announced on game day) 


No restriction on bow setup but your arrows must weigh at least 5 grains per pound of draw weight for safety reasons.  Each round consists of 5 shots so you need at least 5 arrows for the day but plan to bring extras in case you decide to break or damage one.

Scoring will be 12(center of heart/smallest ring),10(heart), 8(lung), 5(body), 0(miss)

Cost: $40 at the door but RSVP to save your spot as this is capped at 40 participants.  


Prizes will be awarded to top 3 finishers in each category of six or more competitors.  Categories of five or less the 1st place finisher will be awarded.  Awards will be a mixture of cash and swag depending on number of competitors.


What is Raised At Full Draw(RAFD)?

RAFD is an organization dedicated to exposing youth and adults to archery, bowhunting and outdoor education. For the purpose of getting closer to nature, conserving and managing wildlife to help maintain healthy populations.


What is the Mission of RAFD?

Raised At Full Draw's mission is to teach the proper skills, techniques, strategies, and ethics of hunting. RAFD pledges to have a positive impact on youth, individuals, families and the outdoors. We strive to develop role models that can educate others on the vital need and importance of having hunter's in the world's ecosystem


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