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When and Where

May 2, 2020

Tyrol Basin

3487 Bohn Road 

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

What To Expect

Canceled Due to COVID-19

The Beast Mode ENDURANCE Archery Challenge will be an EPIC event like no other!  

This event is designed to replicate and simulate what bow hunters may encounter on a wilderness hunt.  It will test competitors mental and physical strength, stamina and endurance.  This event is also suited for the non archers with a "non-shooting" class and you can have a non archer as a teammate in the shooting class.  There are plenty of opportunities to include your family and friends in this event.   



Competitors can choose between the 4hr or the 8hr length with the objective to complete as many laps as possible in the allotted amount of time.  There will be physical challenges and/or mental aptitude tests between each lap with a time bonus for completing or time penalty for not completing.  Examples of challenges are sled drag, sandbag cary, multiple choice quiz, etc.  Each lap will be approximately 2 miles in length and expect some elevation gain and loss!


Shooting Equipment:

Traditional, Compound and Cross Bow are all welcome.  There will be realistic distances for each.  No matter your equipment we will all be in the same division.  With an event like this there will be pro's and con's to each.  Traditional equipment is much lighter which will benefit you on this length of course while compound and crossbows are generally more accurate but heavier.  



Shooting and Non shooting Classes

Solo - Just me, myself and I doing all the laps and challenges


2 Person Team - You and a friend completing the laps and challenges together

Shooting Class - At least one of the two must carry a bow and shoot the target between each lap.  This allows you to team with someone that doesn't shoot archery.  If there are two archers per team we will score best arrow and both competitors must have their own bow. 


4 Hour Non Shooting Class - That's right, this event just isn't for archers!  Anyone can come out and play.  The only aspect of the competition you won't do is the shooting between laps and the 3D course.  You will complete the same laps and challenges.   Note:  if an adequate amount of competitors sign up I will create two age divisions. 


4 & 8 Hour Beast Category. 

Female and Male Open = 44 and under

Female and Male Master = 45 and over  

Open Team = Average Age 44 or under  

Master Team = 45 or older. 

Teams can be 2 men, 2 women or coed


Pack Weight

Men = 25lbs

Women = 20lbs


For the archery class there will be a target to shoot on each lap.  There will be no penalty for a heart/lung shot.  The penalty for a miss or wound will be a "short" penalty lap.  The lap will be a bit longer if you wounded the animal.  When hunting you have to spend time searching for your arrow and making sure you didn't wound the animal when you miss.  When you wound an animal you could spend an enormous amount of time looking for it, so just be happy that you aren't disqualified for a wound! 


There will also be a 10 target 3D course to be completed after your event.  It will be scored as follows: Heart=5minute bonus, Lung=No Time, Body=8 minute penalty, Miss=5 minute penalty. 

There is potentially a lot of time to be made up or lost over those 10 targets.  If you are on a team the best arrow will be scored or in the event there is only one shooter on your team then that arrow will be scored.


How does this work?

The person or team with the most amount of laps in the allotted amount of time with the fastest time will be the winner.  Only the laps that are competed before the 4 or 8 hours is complete will be counted.  For example: if you completed your last lap five minutes after your allotted time, that lap will not be counted and we will defer back to the last lap you completed before your event ended.  

Take for example this scenario for the 8 hour event.  Jon, Matt and Eric all finished 10 laps before the 8 hour time frame.  Jon's time is 7:15, Matt 7:30 and Eric 7:45 so they are placed 1st-3rd. We then score their 3D time to come up with the overall time.  

Andy, Mike and Tom all completed 9 laps so they are sitting in 4th-6th.  None of them can move into the top 3 as they did not complete as many laps but they can jostle between the three of them with their 3D shooting score.  

Ed also did 9 laps but he did not make the 8 hour cutoff time so we take his 8th lap finish time for his end time.  

This same scoring method holds true for women and teams.  Teams must complete each lap together and finish together! 

Your strategy should be to complete as many laps as fast as you can while collecting as few penalties as possible.  Some of the challenges will not have a penalty as you just have to complete them before you move on while others will have a penalty lap if they are not completed correctly or you are unable to complete them.  


Order of Events:

6-6:30am Registraion

6:45-7:30am Competitor Meeting

8am-4pm 8 Hour event

10am-2pm 4 Hour event

2-4:30pm 3D course for 4hr competitors

4-6:30pm 3D Course for 8hr competitors

Awards for non shooting category will be handed out soon after final person finishes

Awards for 4&8hr shooting division will be handed out during the after party that evening.

There will be a band/party provided that evening that all are invited to 


8 Hour/4 Hour/ Non Shooting(4hr)

Early Bird by April 1st - $100/ $80/ $45

Get your butt in gear April 1st-May 16th - $120/ $100/ $65

Procrastinators Penalty May 17th-June 10th - $140/ $120/ $85



Medals will be given out to the top 3 in each category as well as cash payouts to the overall winners dependent on number attending.  Many prizes will be given away randomly from our awesome sponsors!


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