When & Where

June 13-14, 2020

Tyrol Basin

3487 Bohn Road

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

What To Expect

BMAC Games is a multi-staged event testing archers strength, stamina and endurance along with their shooting capabilities in high pressure simulated hunting scenarios.


Competitors will be tested and timed in 3D archery, sled drag, meat pack, hill climb and time trial course.  Distance and weights are still TBD.


Three Divisions


Elite Beast Division is the top of the food chain!  These men and women will cary heavier weight, travel further and shoot longer distances. Elite Men expect to cary loads up to 100lbs, sled drags of 150lbs and shoot up to 60 yards.  Elite Women expect to cary loads up to 60bs, sled drags of 100lbs and shoot up to 60 yards.


Competitive Beast Division is for those men and women that are active and in shape but maybe aren't at the top of their game right now or don't feel like killing themselves!  Competitive Men expect to carry loads up to 75lbs, sled drags of 100lbs and shoot up to 50 yards while Competitive Women should expect loads up to 40lbs, sled drags of 60lbs and shoot up to 50 yards.


Beast Division is for those men and women of all ages that for one reason or another (injury, disability, disease, etc) are not capable of completing one of the stages or does not feel comfortable handling the weight required for the competitive or elite division.  They will have the luxury of scaling the stage to a great extent or even opt out of a particular stage.  There will be no pressure to do anything that they feel is unfit for them.  There will be lots of encouragement as these folks are probably strong willed athletes that want to compete at the top of their game but can't.  The Tenacious Beasts can choose their shooting stakes.  Think of this as a customized event to suit your strengths and weaknesses.


To give those that fall into the Beast Division an even bigger reason to come, half of your registration fee will be donated to HHAUSA!  HHAUSA is charitable organization designed to help veterans with PTSD and to help raise money for the local Honor Flight Chapter. Check them out at


Shooting Equipment

Traditional, Compound and Crossbows are all welcome.  There will be realistic distances for each.  No matter your equipment we will all be in the same division.  With an event like this there will be pro's and con's to each.  Traditional equipment is much lighter which will benefit you on this length of course while compound and crossbows are generally more accurate but heavier. 



Medals and prizes will be awarded to the Competitive Beasts. The Elite Beasts will have cash payouts and medals.

All competitors will receive a competitor t-shirt as long as you are registered by the deadline.


Order of Events


7-8am Registration

8-9am Competitor meeting

9am-6pm Event order TBD


7-noon Events TBD

1-3pm Awards Ceremony


Elite Beasts/ Competitive Beasts/ Beasts

Early Bird by April 1st - $110/ $90.00/ $50.00

Get your butt in gear April 1st-May 16th - $130.00/ $110/ $70

Procrastinators Penalty May 17th-June 10th - $150/ $130/ $90


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