When & Where

July 31st-Aug 1st, 2021

Tyrol Basin

3487 Bohn Road

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

Details for 2021 King of the HIll 3D are TBD.  Registration will open around January 1st.

What To Expect

BMAC King of the Hill 3D Shoot is a 40 target event testing archers shooting capabilities in high pressure simulated hunting scenarios.  This event is designed to get you ready for your hunt this fall.  40 targets will be spread out over Tyrol Basin Ski Hill and the course will cover 2+ miles of terrain with shots that simulate everything from a steep, rocky sheep hunt to a flat land pronghorn hunt.  

Recommended shooting stakes will be set for shooters but you can shoot from a closer distance if you aren't comfortable from the stake.  As this event is designed to get you prepared for hunting season each target will have a unique scenario. For Example: 30 second hold, kneeling shot, draw behind tree then move left or right, follow up shot (15 seconds to nock a second arrow and shoot), target acquisition (60 seconds to move into range, acquire target, range/glass and get shot off),  There will be a video available covering these at least 4 weeks prior to event.  Scoring is for bragging rights only so it is up to you if you want to complete the shot under the given scenario.  

When registering you will be able to select your shoot time.  It is recommended that you register everyone in your party at the same time to be guaranteed the same shoot time.  Each shoot time will have a max of eight shooters.  In an effort to move the event along there will be no groups larger than four shooters and solo shooters will be grouped with at least one other shooter.  Leave your shooting chair at home as there wont be many flat spots to sit your butt down!

Shoot times will be every 20 minutes starting at 7am and ending at 3pm on Saturday.  Last shoot time will be 1pm on Sunday.

Single Day Shoot Price:

Adult - $50

Youth (13-17yrs) - $30

Cub (<12) - $5

Weekend Shoot Price:

Adult - $70

Youth - $45

Cub - $10

Each shooter will be entered to win prizes from our sponsors/supporters!

This event is not for the weak at heart both figuratively and metaphorically.  The total length will be approximately 2 miles/1000 vertical feet both up and down/ steep hills and drop offs!  Just like a day in the mountains.


Beast Mode Archery Challenge Course

This fun-filled weekend would not be complete without some sort of BMAC event!  This course will be designed to get the adrenalin pumping by testing your shooting ability in a time trial format.  You can choose to test your limits by yourself or challenge your buddies for a head to head bragging rights competition.  Six targets will be set up on a short course.  Each target will have a different stance to shoot from ( kneeling, draw while standing kneel shoot, draw while kneeling stand shoot, etc). The objective is to complete the course as quickly as possible while shooting as accurately as you can. 


Scoring BMAC style!

5 second bonus for heart shots

No penalty/bonus for lung shots

20 second penalty for a miss

25 second penalty for a wound/body shot


Two categories with four divisions in total





If more than 10 competitors in your category the fastest time at the end of the weekend will receive a prize of $75.  All competitors will be entered to win prizes designated for the BMAC Course.

Registration online is $25.00 for 3 rounds.  Day of registration will be $10 per round.  You can purchase unlimited rounds.

Competitors MUST have 6 arrows otherwise you will have a 90 second penalty for each target you don't have an arrow for.  Course will take approximately 3-6 minutes.

Novelty Shots:

We will have the HHAUSA novelty shot to raise money for HHAUSA.  All the money raised will go directly to them.  

Order of Events


7am - 3pm: Course Open

Noon - 4pm: BMAC Course Open

4pm-9pm:  Live Music and Celebration (As long as no restrictions due to COVID19)


7am-1pm: Course Open

8am - Noon : BMAC Course Open

To find lodging and to learn more about the event location click Tyrol Basin



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