If you are like me you probably have a lot of hunting gear that is collecting dust and you don't want to deal with selling it online.  The BMAC Swap meet is the perfect opportunity to buy/sell/trade archery and hunting gear.  My goal is to help connect people that are new to archery or hunting with people that have experience and gear.

Along with the swap meet there will be a 15 target 3D course and clinics.  Expect the 3D course to be challenging and fun with realistic shot angles to help prepare you for your western hunts. 

There may be a 3D scramble Saturday evening, stay tuned for more details. 

The Vector Custom Shop Arrow's team will be on sight for you to test their arrows and answer any questions you may have.


Saturday, May 22nd

8am - 4pm Swap Meet and 3D

10:30am - Saddle Hunting clinic featuring Trophyline Tree Saddles

1pm - How to pack your pack for western hunts and the BMAC event featuring Initial Ascent Pack Systems.

4:30pm - 2 man scramble, IF my new batch of targets are in by then!


Sunday, May 23rd

7am - Tyrol Hike-  Come get a sneak peek of what the BEAST course will be like for the BMAC Games

9am-Noon - 3D course open


If you are planning to sell at the swap meet, please email Brian at with a brief description of your goods to place on the website.  

Vendor Costs

$10 for individuals $20 for businesses


3D shoot $20

Clinics are free

Tyrol Basin will have food and beverage

Brian A - SKB Bow Case, assorted camo clothing, Black Eagle Arrows, Grizzly Stick Arrows, Kifaru Frame, packs and accessories and much more.

Steve A - Summit Viper and Bear compound bow

Angie & Travis J - We will have some turkey hunting gear, filming gear, trail cameras, packs, WapitiWear gear, brand new Rocky Mountain hunting calls, tree stands, rangefinders and probably lots more

Jon D - Trophy Line ambush saddle (the heavier one in camo), couple pieces of Sitka (lightweight hoodie, heavier weight quarter zip), first lite puffy, a pair of under armor camo pants, heavy orange coat,  other miscellaneous camo, my hawk climbing sticks, a homemade 2 piece ladder stick, probably a couple of bows (the bear divergent, Mathews solo cam, old PSE),  a bunch of miscellaneous arrows

Peter K - Left handed Bowtech Experience with brand new strings

ED P - Seek Outside Eolus tarp tent, EXO pack, Cabelas frame pack and Bighorn 3 tent along with much more!

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