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What is a 3D Archery Shoot?

When you think 3D, you probably think of movies and glasses meant to mimic a real-life experience. While those events are fun, a 3D archery shoot is a very different – and more realistic – thing.

A 3D archery shoot takes place on real terrain that a hunter would normally encounter. For instance, you can expect drop offs, steep hills, and a great workout.

It provides challenges that simulate what you would expect on a western hunt. The targets are realistic, providing you with an incredible experience and a lot of great practice – no 3D glasses required.

A 3D archery shoot is a great way to learn to hunt, prepare for upcoming hunting seasons, and to use your awesome bow skills. At Beast Mode, we’d love to have you join us for our 3D shoot and our other activities. Contact us to learn more and find out how to register.

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