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We are under three weeks away from fun times at Tyrol Basin! We are excited for you to be a part of the 3rd annual King of the Hill 3D Archery Event. The website is updated as of this morning with current information but I wanted to give you a heads up on some key updates.

- We have been able to extend the T-Shirt deadline for another week or so as supply has increased so if you are reading this email you are guaranteed a shirt. ALSO, if you are a "husky" hunter we have been able to get our hands on XXXL shirts. You can update your shirt size via your confirmation email by clicking on "Manage Your Registration". If you can't figure it out just email me and I will update it for you.

- Purchase your BMAC apparel now and pick it up at check in! We sold out of the popular sizes early last year and people shooting on Sunday had slim pickens. If you want to be guaranteed some swag, get your orders in by July 22. We will have inventory for sale at the event but this helps us out and you get what you want. We are doing our best to get some more hats but the supply chain is still a struggle on the popular colors and brands.

- RSVP for the "After Hours Scramble" and the Elk Calling Comp. The scramble is over half full. Check out the website for more details and the prizes that can be won!

- We will have several fun novelty shots going on at Base Camp. You will have a chance to win a pair of 15x56 Vortex Diamondbacks paired with the BackCountry II Tripod. We may even have a "friendly" competition on the practice range throughout the weekend.

- Giveaways/Raffles. Everyone is entered to win a bunch of door prizes from our sponsors and other supporters. This year we also have the BEAST of giveaways! Everyone that is signed up is automatically entered to win this "Winner Takes All" package but you will also have the opportunity to purchase more tickets for $20 or 6/$100. The package includes...

- Hoyt Ventum Pro 30 in Buckskin (you can exchange it for a left handed or different color at Jeff's Performance Archery in Dodgeville)

- First Lite Catalyst Bibs and Jacket

- Trophyline Covert Lite Tree Saddle Kit

- Dozen Vector Arrows built to your specs

- Pack of KuduPoint Broadheads

- Vortex 10x42 Viper & Diamondback 2000 Rangefinder

- Kwik Trip $50 gas card (Sponsored by Lancaster & Sons Electrical)

- Plus more! Valued at over $5000.00

Drawing will be Saturday at 6pm near Base Camp. No need to be present to win but if you are there will be a BONUS prize so be sure to grab some food and drinks from the chalet and hang out for this drawing!

Happy Shooting,

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  • Writer's pictureBrian Austin

Hello Beasts,We are down to the final hours!  Please take care of yourselves and travel safely to the event.  We have had over a dozen cancellations in the past week due to injuries, freak accidents and illnesses.  I hope I don't get any more of those messages!  If you have an urgent question between now and Saturday you can text me at 608-669-2611 as I will only be checking email late at night and first thing in the morning.  

I have assigned your competitor "Bib" number.  You can view it at this link along with seeing the competitor list for each division.    To save time at check in feel free to mark your arrows with your competitor #.  We will have markers at check in if you don't do it ahead of time.  If you have dark colored vanes we will have silver sharpies for you to use.  If your number has a 2, 6 or 9 in it please put _ under your number.  ONLY those with a 2, 6 or 9 please.  There will be field judges on the Beast Course and Pursuit Stage scoring and pull

ing your arrows and they need to be able to read your number quickly.  If your number is not legible or there is no number on your arrow then it will be counted as a body and you will have a 3 minute penalty per arrow.  If you already have your arrows numbered for practice purposes please cross off that number.  You will need four arrows numbered but I would recommend numbering all the arrows in your quiver in the event you shoot one that is not numbered on accident.  View the attached picture for reference.

The weather is looking in our favor from what was predicted several days ago.  As of now there is rain forecasted for Saturday morning.  There will be NO weather delays so be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at us.  

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  • Writer's pictureBrian Austin

We are 10 days to Go time! If this is your first BMAC Games then this will be your first event like no other. It is critical that you are taking care of yourself and properly hydrate starting today. If it is as warm and humid on game day as it has been the past couple of days it is even more important to get hydrated now and stay hydrated so your body can operate the best it can at a cellular level.

Be proactive in your preparation!

Saturday is going to be a long day so you will want to take advantage of any breaks you are given during the day. This means applying sun screen as sun burned skin can not dissipate heat and sweat efficiently, change into dry clothes, take footwear off for your feet to breathe, consume fruit and veggies that help hydrate you along with electrolyte rich drinks. You may also want to have a towel handy to dry skin off as you sweat and maybe even a battery operated fan to help you stay cool during your down time.

If you are like me and are prone to muscle cramps and sensitive to the sun, heat and humidity then eliminate any alcohol intake for at least three days before the event. Alcohol speeds up the dehydration faster than anything else. Save the drinks until Saturday night!

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