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When & Where

July 28-30, 2023

Tyrol Basin Ski Resort

3487 Bohn Road

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

Registration is OPEN!

Mystery Ranch Backpacks and Hanwag Boots will be on location with product available to purchase

Congrats to Daniel Winter for winning the Hoyt VTM!


What To Expect

BMAC King of the Hill 3D Shoot 

Experience the Midwest's most authentic 3D shoot, meticulously crafted to replicate the challenges you'll encounter on your upcoming western hunts. Our 40+ target event is specifically designed to prepare archers for their fall hunting adventures. Spread across the breathtaking Tyrol Basin Ski Hill, three distinct courses await, each including 15 targets. Prepare yourself for the ultimate bowhunting challenge!

Anticipate a series of long and demanding shot scenarios. The renowned King of the Hill 3D event is celebrated for its extreme distance shots. In 2022, we introduced two shooting stakes per target, offering both western and midwestern distances. Please note that scoring is purely for personal pride, as this event maintains a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With free parking, minimal queues, and countless memories waiting to be created, expect an exceptional time.

Shooters have the opportunity to tackle multiple courses each day.


During registration, choose your initial course and corresponding start time. Once all designated start times have passed, participants are free to explore additional courses, if desired. To ensure smooth operations, please be considerate of time spent on each target. Select either the long shot option (cone) or the closer shot option (flag) for a target, but not both simultaneously. If a flag is stuck in the cone, it indicates a single distance for that particular target. Excitingly, in 2023, we have implemented a specific order for shooting the courses, reducing congestion. The order will follow as Western Range, Front Range, and Savanna Range. For instance, if your starting course is the Front Range, the subsequent course available after the start times have passed will be the Savanna Range. Similarly, if you begin with the Savanna Range, your second course of the day will be the Western Range. While it would be fantastic to offer a fourth course, our current space limitations prevent us from doing so.

Prepare yourself for an exceptional archery experience that mirrors the challenges of western hunts at our Midwest's 3D shoot. With meticulously designed courses, challenging targets, and a fun-filled atmosphere, we guarantee a memorable event that will enhance your bowhunting skills for the upcoming season.

Schedule Of Events:



11:00am - Check In and Practice Range Opens

12:00-3:40pm - Scheduled Unleash Times

3:00-9:00pm - Tyrol Bar and Restaurant Open

4:00pm - All courses open to start your second course

6:30pm - Head to Head clay pigeon challenge at practice range. Need 4 arrows.  $20 entry

7:30pm - All Courses Close/Must be off all courses


7:00am - Practice Range/ Check In Opens

8:00am - 10:40 Scheduled Unleash Times

10:00am-2:00pm Tyrol Lunch and Bar Open

11:00am - All courses open to start your second course 

2:00pm-4:00pm - Tyrol Bar Open

3:00pm - Elk Calling Competition (Meet at BMAC Trailer in Base Camp)

4:00pm-9:00pm - Tyrol Bar and Restaurant Open

5:00-7:00pm - RMEF Raffle *See details below

6:30pm - All Courses close/Must be off all courses

7:30 pm- After Hours Scramble (Practice Range)



7:00am - Practice Range/Check In Opens

8:00-10:40am - Scheduled Unleash Times

10:00am-2:00pm - Tyrol Lunch and Bar Open

11:00am - All courses open to start your second course

2:00pm - Event Closes/Off all Courses

"Base Camp" which is where registration/check in, practice range, information, vendors, etc is located in the main area below the chalet at the base of "A" Lift and the Magic Carpet Ride.  The parking lots directly off of Bohn Road are CLOSED but all the upper parking lots will be available.  Follow the stairs from the upper lots down to Base Camp.  Click HERE for a map of Tyrol Basin.

*RMEF Raffle will be limited to 200 tickets and will have 20 prizes with 10 of those being bows!  Tickets are $100.  Check out all the details and to purchase your tickets HERE.

Jeff's Performance Archery Shop will be on location Saturday and Sunday with their mobile shop to help you with any of your archery needs and to resupply your lost/broken arrows! They will also have their lab radar setup to measure your arrow speed and energy.  


Front Range - Follow directional arrows and BLUE flags.  You can hike up Twister(Black Diamond) or take the chairlift "B" to the top!  The course will start at the top of chairlift "B" before heading down and across Tobel and Sunrise then into the woods on the eastern side of the property.  Expect realistic shots and moderate terrain.   The Front Range will end on the new beginner slope(use to be a parking lot) next to the chalet.  Will have approximately 14 targets.  (If there is a lightning strike close by the lift will be shut down for 10 minutes past last strike). Lift will be operating from noon-5 on Friday, 8-3 on Saturday and 8-noon on Sunday.  Keep this in mind when determining if you want to shoot this range throughout the day.  There will be the option to walk to the top if the lift is shut down.

Western Range - Follow directional arrows and YELLOW flags.  This course will cover the most aggressive terrain on the the property with long shots and steep angles!  The Western Range will start with the elk on Bump Buster(Black Diamond Slope) before ascending and descending the slopes(The Green Zone, Nutcracker, Yodler and The Underwo0d Way to name a few) on the western half of the property several times.  Expect to have around 14 targets on the Western Range.

Savanna Range - Follow directional arrow and WHITE flags.  This course will be rolling with woods and open prairie.  Expect some long bombs on exotic creatures.  We are taking you backwards from last year.  The first target will be the pond shot then you will walk up and beyond the snow tubing area to the prairie where you will find some wide open long shots before heading down the rocky ravine and ending on the other side of the road.  Do as you were taught... Look both ways when crossing the road!

Click here to view the Tyrol Basin trail map to help you understand where everything is.

Each shooting position will have a cone.  If there is not a closer shooting position marked, the orange flag will be stuck in the top of the cone.  If the flag is not in the cone then it is somewhere between the cone and target.





Course Etiquette and SAFETY:

- If your group is consistently holding up groups behind you please pick up the pace or allow them to shoot through. 

- DO NOT change the shot angle!  You can move closer to the target but stay in line between the shooting cone and the target to keep the course safe in the event of an arrow that is over shot.

- When looking for a "lost arrow" have someone in your group stand next to the target or cover the target so group behind you knows not to shoot!

- Please allow time for group ahead of you to clear the target and exit field of view beyond or along side target before shooting

- DO NOT cross any caution tape or ribbon flagging

- When riding the chair lift with a backpack and bow it is best to take off your pack and hug it with one arm while holding bow in other arm.  Use caution with hip quivers

- Absolutely NO Alcohol or broadheads on the courses! 

Novelty Shots:

The long shot clay pigeon will be back!  Last year is was 114 yards.  Expect a similar distance for 2023.  $5 for 3 arrows.  Every $5 will get you an entry and every broken pegion will earn you 5 entries to win the Vortex 10x42 Razor HD and tripod combo.

New for this year... 

Steal Buck - $5 per arrow.  Expect a 35-45 yard shot. Each clean shot earns you an entry to win a $200 gift card to Jeffs Performance Archery (probably for new arrows lol!)

Zombie Head - Expect an 80-90 yard shot. $5 for 3 arrows.  Shoot him in the head for an entry.  Prize TBD


When registering you will be able to select your desired course and shoot(UNLEASH) time that you want to start with.  It is recommended that you register everyone in your party at the same time to be guaranteed the same UNLEASH time.  UNLEASH times are available every twenty minutes from noon-3:40pm on Friday, 8am-11:00am on Saturday and 8am - 10:40am on Sunday.  Each UNLEASHED time has 10 slots available for each course.  We ask that you keep your group to 6 shooters or less to help prevent delays.  Registered shooters can shoot the courses as many times as you would like on the day you are registered but you must wait until after all the UNLEAHSED times have passed to start your second course.  Must be off all courses by 7:30pm on Friday, 6:30pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday 

*If you are registering your group PLEASE use each individuals email or forward them the appropriate information!  One of the most common complaints I get is people not having the appropriate information to prepare themselves.  This complaint is usually the result of the person signing up the group under one email.  

Each shooter will be entered to win prizes from our sponsors/supporters!  FREE event T-Shirts will be provided to those that register by 9am on July 17th!.  These are custom shirts specifically for this event and the size you enter when registering.  If you are registering your buddies please be sure to have their correct shirt size as we will not be able to exchange them at the event.


There will NOT be camping allowed on site as we need to utilize every inch of the property for the shoot.  Blue Mounds State Park and Brigham County Park have camp sites and are within minutes of Tyrol Basin.

To find lodging and to learn more about the event location visit the  Tyrol Basin website.

Common Questions:

What time can I start shooting the second course?  To ensure everyone has a good experience with no long waits you will not be able to start a second course until all the shoot times have passed.  This means you will be able to start shooting your second course on Friday at 4pm, Saturday and Sunday at 11am on a first come first serve basis.  If earlier shoot times are not full you may be able to start earlier but check in with registration before doing so.  

When should I show up? You can show up anytime the event is open and shoot the warm up range or the novelty shots.  Remember to get there early enough to check in before your Unleash Time.

I don't have a sight tape that goes out past 80 yards will there be long shots?  YES!  There may be shots at 100+ yards.  As this is a fun shoot you can shoot from a closer distance that you are comfortable with.  We will have a closer shooting stake at targets that can accommodate it.  Bring a lot of arrows!!

Once I'm on the course how do I get back to my vehicle/base camp?  There is no short cutting or walking the course backwards as you will be at risk of getting SHOT!  You must walk the course from start to finish once you start.

Will there be water on the course?  Yes, there will be water at base camp and at the half way mark of each course.  bottled water is free to those that pre purchase a meal plan from Tyrol Basin.

Can I use broadheads?  ABSOLUTELY NO BROADHEADS!

Can I bring my dog on the course?  No pets are allowed on the course.  Dogs must be leashed at all times in the parking and common areas.

Are boots recommended?  Yes!  you will be traversing a lot of steep terrain.  You may want to wear long pants if you plan to look for lost arrows as you will encounter poison ivy and other poisonous plants

DISCLAIMER: This is not your typical 3D shoot you would have at your local club!  Expect to miss a target and lose/break an arrow or two.  Expect to have to hike a lot and possible bushwack to find lost arrows.  If you take yourself too serious this may not be the event for you.   



Adult (18+) $55

($20 discount when registering for two or three days)

Youth (17  & under) $25



Adult (18+) $70

($20 discount when registering for two or

three days)

Youth (17  & under) $35


Adult (18+) $55

($20 discount when registering for two or three days)

Youth (17  & under) $25



$15 per day