When & Where

July 30th-Aug 1st, 2021

Tyrol Basin Ski Resort

3487 Bohn Road

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year's event!  The 2022 event will be on July 29-31.  Registration will open on January 1st.


What To Expect

BMAC King of the Hill 3D Shoot is the midwest's most realistic 3D shoot that simulates what you will experience on your western hunts.  40+ target event testing archers shooting capabilities designed to get you ready for your hunt this fall.  Targets will be spread out over Tyrol Basin Ski Hill on two unique courses with 20+ targets per course.  Shots will simulate everything from a steep, rocky sheep hunt to a flat land pronghorn hunt making this the ultimate archery challenge for bowhunters!

Recommended shooting stakes will be set for shooters but you can shoot from a closer distance if you aren't comfortable from the stake.  Expect long, challenging shot scenarios!   Scoring is for bragging rights only!  This is a fun, laid back event.  Parking is free, no long lines and a lot of good times and memories to be made.


Front Range - This course will be on the main slopes.  Expect long shots and hilly terrain.

Western Range - This course will cover the western slopes and the northern part of the property.  Expect extreme angles with steep terrain.

Each course will take approximately two hours to complete.  When registering you will be able to select your desired course and shoot time that you want to start with.  It is recommended that you register everyone in your party at the same time to be guaranteed the same shoot time.  Shoot times are available every twenty minutes from 11am-3:40pm on Friday, 8am-11:40am on Saturday and 8am - 10:40am on Sunday.  Registered shooters can shoot the courses as many times as you would like on the day you are registered but you must wait until after all the shoot times have passed to start your second course.  Must be off all courses by 6:30pm on Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Sunday 

This event is not for the weak at heart both figuratively and metaphorically.  The total length will be approximately 4sh miles/1000 vertical feet both up and down/ steep hills and drop offs!  Just like a day in the mountains.

Each shooter will be entered to win prizes from our sponsors/supporters!

Novelty Shots:

There will be several fun novelty shots for all to enjoy and prizes to be won!  


Other Happenings:

"After Hours" 2 person scramble - Saturday @7:30pm.  First 40 to RSVP will be guaranteed a spot.  Bring a good flashlight/headlamp and maybe some lighted nocks!  $40 entry fee with cash/prizes from our sponsors.

Tyrol will have food and drinks available throughout the day and evening.  You can purchase discounted meal plans here.  Any questions regarding food please email

There will NOT be camping allowed on site as we need to utilize every inch of the property for the shoot.  Blue Mounds State Park and Brigham County Park have camp sites and are within minutes of Tyrol Basin.

To find lodging and to learn more about the event location click Tyrol Basin

Common Questions:

What time can I start shooting the second course?  To ensure everyone has a good experience with no long waits you will not be able to start a second course until all the shoot times have passed.  This means you will be able to start shooting your second course on Friday at 4pm, Saturday at noon and Sunday at 11am on a first come first serve basis.  If earlier shoot times are not full you may be able to start earlier but check in with registration before doing so.  

When should I show up? You can show up anytime the event is open and shoot the warm up range or the novelty shots.  Remember to get there early enough to check in before your shoot time.

I don't have a sight tape that goes out past 80 yards will there be long shots?  YES!  There may be shots at 100+ yards.  As this is a fun shoot you can shoot from a closer distance that you are comfortable with.  Bring a lot of arrows!!

Once I'm on the course how do I get back to my vehicle/base camp?  There is no short cutting or walking the course backwards as you will be at risk of getting SHOT!  You must walk the course from start to finish once you start.

Will there be water on the course?  Yes, there will be water at base camp and at the half way mark of each course.  bottled water is free to those that pre purchase a meal plan from Tyrol Basin.

Can I use broadheads?  ABSOLUTELY NO BROADHEADS!

Can I bring my dog on the course?  No pets are allowed on the course.  Dogs must be leashed at all times in the parking and common areas.

Are the discounted meal packages only for shooters?  No, you can purchase them for spectators or anyone coming to eat with you.

Are boots recommended?  Yes!  you will be traversing a lot of steep terrain.  You may want to wear long pants if you plan to look for lost arrows as you will encounter poison ivy and other poisonous plants


Adult (18+) $55

Youth (17  & under) $35


Adult (18+) $80

Youth (17  & under) $50


Adult (18+) $100

Youth (17  & under) $60


$10 per day