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Start Preparing for the heat NOW!

We are 10 days to Go time! If this is your first BMAC Games then this will be your first event like no other. It is critical that you are taking care of yourself and properly hydrate starting today. If it is as warm and humid on game day as it has been the past couple of days it is even more important to get hydrated now and stay hydrated so your body can operate the best it can at a cellular level.

Be proactive in your preparation!

Saturday is going to be a long day so you will want to take advantage of any breaks you are given during the day. This means applying sun screen as sun burned skin can not dissipate heat and sweat efficiently, change into dry clothes, take footwear off for your feet to breathe, consume fruit and veggies that help hydrate you along with electrolyte rich drinks. You may also want to have a towel handy to dry skin off as you sweat and maybe even a battery operated fan to help you stay cool during your down time.

If you are like me and are prone to muscle cramps and sensitive to the sun, heat and humidity then eliminate any alcohol intake for at least three days before the event. Alcohol speeds up the dehydration faster than anything else. Save the drinks until Saturday night!

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