When & Where

May 14th, 2022

Tyrol Basin

3487 Bohn Rd

Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

Registration will open early spring 

What To Expect

BMAC Games "mini" is a fun lightly challenging event.  This event is perfect for those that aren't 100% confident they can compete in the full on BMAC Games and those looking to have a fun time with their bow and arrow!  This event is perfect for those that are on the fence about competing in the BMAC Games later in June and will also be a good test to see what you may need to work on before the main event on June 25-26. 

The festivities for the day will include a 3D shoot/scramble, fun obstacle course with shooting, archery games(long shot, poker, darts, clay pigeon challenge, etc). For those that feel up for a bigger challenge we will do a hill climb challenge.  The best part is the wild game feed/potluck.  We ask everyone to bring a dish.  If you were unsuccessful last hunting season you are welcome to bring a salad or a sweet treat!



Bring your bow and LOTS of arrows!! 

Backpack is optional but will be needed for some of the challenges if you decide to participate in them.  


Order of Events


8am - Check In

8:30 - Festivities

Noon - Potluck Lunch

1:30 - 3D shoot/scramble

4pm - More Festivities for those that want to stick around



$10 under 15yrs.  The little BEASTS will be able to participate and have fun as well!