When & Where

June 25-26th, 2022

Tyrol Basin

3487 Bohn Road

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

Registration is OPEN!


What To Expect

BMAC Games is a multi-staged event testing archers strength, stamina and endurance along with their shooting capabilities in high pressure simulated hunting scenarios.  The ultimate archery challenge for the hunter athlete!


Competitors will be tested and timed in 3D archery, obstacle course, sled drag/meat pack and The Beast Course

The 2022 event will be very similar to 2021 with the exception of the Pack Out Stage!  It will be longer and harder for 2022.  Train accordingly.  We may also incorporate the 3D pop up system into the event as well.



The Beast Course

This stage will test the athletes endurance and stamina as the course that will take competitors on some of the most challenging terrain the venue has to offer.  Athletes should expect steep ascents/descents, downfalls and anything else you may encounter in the wilderness.  It is recommended to have trekking poles and good ankle support as you will be carrying a weighted pack and your bow.  Just because this event is in the summer you may experience icy water!


The Pursuit

This stage simulates that final push you have to close the distance on your prey.  Imagine you have 30 minutes of daylight left and the bull just sounded off 1000 feet above you.... It's GO time!  Competitors will be testing their strength and ability to sustain a high level of work in a short amount of time while shooting with an elevated heart rate.  Athletes should be prepared to climb, crawl, lift, hoist and drag objects


The Harvest

The harvest stage will consist of a 15-20 target 3D course.  This won't be your typical 3D shoot!  Expect a real world hunting scenario for each target while utilizing some of the most challenging terrain features the venue has to offer.  Shooting stakes will be set for women/men at 40/60 yard max.


The Pack Out

Before you can reap the rewards of your success the real work begins!  It is now time to pack out your meat.  Competitors will start at the base of the hill by loading their appropriate weight into their packs.  This weight will be in addition to the weight they had used in the Beast and Pursuit Stages.  i.e. Mens Elite are required to cary 80lbs.  BMAC will supply the additional 40 pound sand bag to be added to the already 40 pound pack.  


You must use the same archery equipment and backpack for every stage.  You are allowed to cary optics at all times.  Arrows must be carried in a quiver on your bow or in your pack.  NO hip quivers allowed.  Competitors are responsible for their own backpack weight.  BMAC will provide the pack out stage weight.  This weight will consist of gravel inside a polypropylene sandbag.  The weight will be divided into two bags that you will need to carry on your pack at the same time.  


Division prizes will be awarded to stage winners.

Category prizes will be awarded dependent on total number of participants in each category.  For every five participants/teams one place will be awarded up to a maximum of three places.  i.e. if there are 12 participants in your category the top 3 will be awarded, if only 4 in your category then only 1st place will be awarded.

Teams are only eligible for category prizes.

Order of Events


7am - Check In/Registration

7:30am - Competitor Meeting

8:30am - The Beast Course (all competitors)

11:30am - The Pursuit Stage (assigned heats)

3:30pm - The Harvest Stage (3D Course)

6pm - Dinner/Music/Festivities



7am - The Pack Out Stage

10am - Awards/Lunch/Festivities

If you have a disability or are unable to complete the stages according to the standards please contact Brian to discuss possible solutions as we want to allow everyone who is willing to unleash their BEAST to participate.

There will be a price increase on May 16th.  Must be registered by May 27th to receive a free competitor t shirt.

Volunteers Needed

Contact Brian. Volunteers can earn a free day pass to the King of the Hill 3D, 3D scrambles, swag, etc.

 BEAST $125

Men’s Elite 18+

Beast Course: Ability to ruck 3 miles with 40lbs

Pursuit Stage:  Ability to lift a 40lbs overhead, drag more than 80lbs.

Pack Out Stage: Ability to load and carry 80lbs up hill


Men’s Masters 40+

Beast Course: Ability to ruck 3 miles with 35lbs

Pursuit Stage:  Ability to lift a 35lbs overhead, drag more than 70lbs.

Pack Out Stage: Ability to load and carry 70lbs up hill


Men’s Masters 50+

Beast Course: Ability to ruck 3 miles with 30lbs+

Pursuit Stage:  Ability to lift a 30lbs overhead, drag more than 60lbs.

Pack Out Stage: Ability to load and carry 60lbs up hill


Women’s Elite 18+

Beast Course: Ability to ruck 3 miles with 30lbs+

Pursuit Stage: Ability to lift 30lbs overheard, drag more than 60lbs.

Pack Out Stage: Ability to load and carry 60lbs up hill


Women’s Masters 40+

Beast Course: Ability to ruck 3 miles with 25lbs+

Pursuit Stage: Ability to lift 25lbs overheard, drag more than 50lbs.

Pack Out Stage: Ability to load and carry 50lbs up hill

$125 Per Person

Teams will not be broken into age/sex categories but each member of the team will complete the event with their age/sex requirements.  Teams will complete each stage together.  You will cary your own weight during the Beast Course, complete the Pursuit stage together and your 3D score will be combined.  The real benefit of being on a team is when it comes to the Pack Out/Drag Out stage.  Teams will be splitting the required weight.  For teams that have different sex/age teammates your pack out/drag out weight is 50% of each teammates category requirement combined together.    

Teen Beast

TEENS (13-17)

We understand that this age demographic boys and girls can be at totally different points in maturity.  Contact Brian to discuss what type of a challenge your teen is looking to compete in.