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BMAC "Quiver Shiver"

When & Where

January 28, 2023

Tyrol Basin

3487 Bohn Road

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

Registration is OPEN!


What To Expect

BMAC Quiver Shiver is a totally new event for 2023!  As bow hunters here in the upper midwest we are very aware that we can be hunting in some pretty chilly weather come the rut and late season so why not have an outdoor competition in the dead of winter to mimic those conditions and test our abilities!


The exact details of the event are still to be determined and may not be fully known until a week or two leading up to the event since snow depth, temps, ice, etc will all play a role in the design of the competition.  If the temps are forecasted to be bitterly cold (sub zero) the event will be designed to be a lap course where all competitors are active and moving at the same time.  If the weather allows we could have a multistage event.  When signing up for this event have the mind set of an out of state DIY hunt that you have not had the opportunity to scout as you can plan all you want and try to figure out each and every detail but you just won't know what to expect until you get boots on the ground!



The SNOW Beast Course

This course will start and finish near the snow tubing area and will cover the "haunted" trail that climbs the back side of the hill, some of the trails on top of the hill along with the ravine below the tubing area and the savanna which will be known as the tundra for this event.  Expect a course that is around 2 miles in length.  Competitors will also have their archery skills tested on this course with four 3D targets.  

The Pursuit Course

Similar to the summer BMAC Games we will have an "obstacle" course with challenges that pertain to hunting.  These exact challenges will be announced on game day! Expect to shoot four times during this stage.   

Harvest Course

There will be a five target 3D course.  Each target will represent a scenario you may encounter while hunting.  


Heart = 1 minute bonus

Lung = 0 time

Miss = 2 minute penalty

Body = 4 minute penalty 


You must use the same archery equipment and backpack for every stage.  You are allowed to cary optics at all times.  Arrows must be carried in a quiver on your bow or in your pack.  NO hip quivers allowed.  Competitors are responsible for their own backpack weight.  You must have at least 4 arrows.  NO BROADHEADS

Cleats are allowed but no snowshoes.  As of Monday 1/23/23 the course is snow covered and slippery on the hills.  I would recommend trekking poles and/or cleats for the Snow Beast course. Cleats may come in handy for the pursuit stage.


Men - 30lb total pack weight

Women - 25lb total pack weight

The wilderness doesn't care what your age is!    


There will be awards and prizes.

Order of Events


6-8pm - Come hang out and snow tube with us at the Tyrol Tubing Hill


8am - Check In/Registration

8:30am - Competitor Meeting

9am - Event Start

Volunteers Needed

Contact Brian. Volunteers can earn a free day pass to the King of the Hill 3D, 3D scrambles, swag, etc.

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