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When and Where

April 29, 2023

Tyrol Basin

3487 Bohn Road 

Mt Horeb, WI 53572

Registration is OPEN!
Competitor T-shirt deadline is April 19

What To Expect

The Beast Mode ENDURANCE Archery Challenge will be an EPIC event like no other! I'm very excited to be brining this event back.  The BMAC Endurance was scheduled to be our very first event back in 2020 but because of the pandemic we were forced to cancel.  

This event is designed to replicate and simulate what bow hunters may encounter on a wilderness hunt.  It will test competitors mental and physical strength, stamina and endurance.   There are plenty of opportunities to include your family and friends in this event as we have a team category.  Only one person in the team will need to be able to shoot a bow.  



The objective is to complete as many laps as possible in the 8 hours.  There will be targets to shoot on each lap with physical challenges that will be completed before continuing if you shoot a body or miss the target.  Examples of challenges are sled drag, sandbag cary, or other challenges related to hunting.  Each lap will be approximately 1.5 miles in length and around 500 feet of elevation gain and loss!  There will be two targets per lap.  If you shoot the vitals(lung or heart) you will be able to proceed immediately.  If you shoot a body or a miss there will be a penalty challenge that you will need to complete before proceeding.  One of the penalties will be a weighted sled pull and the other will be an extra hill climb.  These penalty challenges will not only eat up precious time but also valuable energy especially as the race enters the final couple of hours.  

The start/finish will be at the Tubing Hill parking lot.  During the event the only area you are allowed off the course is at "base camp" (start/finish).  You will be allowed to access your camp/vehicle between laps if you need to.  Your pack must stay in the staging area though.  There will be limited space for shade tents near the start/finish or you will have the option to set up a shade tent near your vehicle BUT please have it secured to the ground!  This area is on top of a hill and it can be very windy.

You are 100% responsible for your hydration and nutrition needs.  Even though we will have water available do not rely just on that.  Be sure you have adequate water, electrolytes and food for the entire event.  You will get hungry doing this type of an event so I would bring more then what you think you will need.  I strongly encourage you to have a strategy for how often and how much you need to drink and eat throughout the 8 hours and stick to that plan even if you don't feel like you need it.   

You may want to bring extra clothes to change into throughout the event especially socks.  I would highly recommend carrying some leukotape in your pack in the scenario you start to get hot spots on your feet or even your hands if you are using trekking poles.  

There is no doubt this event will be a suffer fest for many of you and your goal may just be to survive.  Some of you are going to thrive but it will take proper planning and strategy to do so.  


Shooting Equipment:

Solo competitors and at least one team member must carry a bow.   Sight magnification along with range finding sights and range finding binoculars are not allowed.  You will want to carry a minimum of two arrows.  Your arrow should be ready for you when you arrive back at the target on the next lap BUT if you miss a target your arrow will not be looked for until after the event is over.  There will be judges at each target that will let you know if you shot was a kill or body/miss.  You can use rangefinders during the event unless otherwise instructed. 



Solo - Just me, myself and I doing all the laps and challenges.  


Teams - A team consists of 3 or 4 competitors that will complete each lap together.  At least 3 competitors must be on the course at a time.  Teams of 4 can choose to complete each lap together or have a substitute.  Only one person needs to carry a bow as you will have the opportunity to switch shooters at the beginning of each lap.  


Men and Women


Pack Weight

Solo Men = 30lbs

Solo Women = 25lbs

Teams will need 100lbs divided between your team.  The weight does NOT need to be equally divided.  For every female on a team the total weight can be reduced by 5lbs.  Packs will be weighed between each lap.  If you have a team of four but only three are doing the lap the total weights needs to be distributed amongst those that are on the lap.  

Each competitor/team is responsible to bring their weight ie, sandbag, gear, etc.  Your bow and trekking poles do NOT count towards your pack weight. 


How does this work?

The person or team with the most amount of laps in the allotted amount of time with the fastest time will be the winner.  Laps that are started before the cutoff will be counted.  For example: Team "A" starts their 14th lap at 7hours and 58minutes and finishes that lap at 8hour and 38minutes.  Team "B" finishes their 14th lap at 7hours and 40 minutes but decides to not go out for another lap.  Even though Team B finished 14 laps faster than Team A, Team A will finish ahead of Team B.

Your strategy should be to complete as many laps as fast as you can while collecting as few penalties as possible. 


Order of Events:

6-6:30am Registration

6:45-7:30am Competitor Meeting

7:30am-3:30pm Competition Time!

4pm - Awards celebration

7pm - Music and Food (see other happenings below) - Salute To Heroes

As with all the BMAC events expect the unexpected!  Just like a week long hunt in the mountains you never know what might get thrown at you that you were not expecting.  


$125 per person



Medals will be given out to the top 3 in each of the categories: Solo Men, Solo Women, Team.  Many prizes will be given away randomly from our awesome sponsors!

Other Happenings:

The ENDURANCE Challenge is taking place during an HHA USA weekend here in southern Wisconsin.  They are kicking off their year right down the road at Blackhawk Bowhunters in Verona with MISSION 24.  Stick around on Sunday and shoot their 3D course but be sure to sign up ASAP as it will fill up.  

You will definitely want to check out the Salute To Heroes with Chris Kroeze at Tyrol Basin Saturday evening!  Great music and food.  RSVP as space is limited.  


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