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It has been a tough year for businesses! Companies in the hunting/archery industry are having some of the same issues as the business down the street from you. The most common issues places are having are employment and supply chain delays.

It has been difficult finding new sponsors for 2022 as well as just connecting with our current supporters as they are so far behind that they have no time to even think or talk about marketing for next year.

I understand their situation as many companies don't have enough product to fulfill their orders or they don't have enough staff to stay on top of things so they aren't able to commit to providing product for events like BMAC. They truly want to support the events and have a booth at the King of the Hill 3D to meet you and show you their product but many of them are understaffed and can not commit until the time gets closer.

I have no doubt that we will have prizes and sponsors for 2022 but we may not know until closer to event time.

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  • Writer's pictureBrian Austin

The Wisconsin whitetail rut is heating up and so is the planning for our 2022 archery challenges, 3D shoots, scrambles and our new 3D pop up events! We are teaming up with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, HHA USA and Raised at Full Draw to bring awareness to their organizations along with making our events more enjoyable for you to participate in.

Dates are set for all of our recurring events with registration opening on January 1st. More information will be available around December 1st. Until then enjoy your hunting seasons and be safe out there! Take a look at the BMAC Vlog that explains a little more about what is happening in the Beast Mode Archery Challenge world right now.

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  • Writer's pictureBrian Austin

The planning for 2021 has already started. The BMAC Indoor at Vortex Optics is a GO! I will be meeting with them this week and will be coming up with a game plan within the next couple of weeks.

The BMAC Games is scheduled for June 12-13 and is shaping up to be the ultimate archery challenge for the hunter athlete! Registration opens this Friday evening at midnight.

King of the Hill 3D registration is open and spots are filling up. We have expanded to 3 days this year from July 30th-Aug 1st. This event is going to be a BLAST!

Be looking for several 3D scrambles at Tyrol Basin throughout the spring and summer as well. I'm also working on possibly taking BMAC out west and east!! I will hopefully know if this is gonna occur by the end of February.

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