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2021 Planning!

The planning for 2021 has already started. The BMAC Indoor at Vortex Optics is a GO! I will be meeting with them this week and will be coming up with a game plan within the next couple of weeks.

The BMAC Games is scheduled for June 12-13 and is shaping up to be the ultimate archery challenge for the hunter athlete! Registration opens this Friday evening at midnight.

King of the Hill 3D registration is open and spots are filling up. We have expanded to 3 days this year from July 30th-Aug 1st. This event is going to be a BLAST!

Be looking for several 3D scrambles at Tyrol Basin throughout the spring and summer as well. I'm also working on possibly taking BMAC out west and east!! I will hopefully know if this is gonna occur by the end of February.

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