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The Beast Mode Archery Challenge hardware is ready to be handed out to those top hunter athletes in each division!

For those of you wondering the over/under obstacles will be set up between the boxes and where you shoot so you will be utilizing them a lot. As of now the first two rounds at LaCrosse Archery will look something like this.

All 6 competitors will draw their first arrow on my command and will hold for 30 seconds!

After you shoot you will immediately drop to your butt and pull a rope with a sandbag that is connected to it that is located down by the target to you. You will then traverse back to your box and complete 10 over the box(OTB) step overs, 10 log toss and 10 burpees OTB while shooting an arrow in between each of those challenges and completing the over under to get from the box to your bow and back to the box. We will be putting together demonstrational videos this weekend for you to view.

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