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What to bring to the BMAC Games!?

If this is your first time participating in the BMAC Games I understand there are a lot of unknowns. If you haven't already watched the Stage Videos on YouTube you better make that a priority!

Our "base camp" will be in the same location as last year near the chalet, A lift, ski patrol, etc. This is where we will have registration, competitor meeting and the start of each stage. Bathrooms are close by and new for this year we will have outdoor showers so you can wash/cool off if need be.

You are welcome to bring friends/family to cheer you on and to help support you! You are welcome to bring a shade tent to set up near our base camp if you have one and are able to bring it. I also highly recommend you to bring a cooler with your own water, energy drinks, snacks, etc. Tyrol Basin will have food and beverages available at certain times along with Clutch Energy Drinks, 1st Phorm Outdoors and Wilderness Athlete.

Proper hydration and nutrition will be critical for Saturday especially if it's hot and sunny! The only time someone has been hauled off in an ambulance from one of my events was because of a heat stroke. You need to take responsibility of your body! I'm sure most of you are already eating healthy and staying hydrated but there is always someone that waits until the last minute to do so...

-Shade tent if you have one otherwise bribe someone to share theirs with you

-Your own stash of water, drinks and snacks

-Your own support team (not necessary but they are invited)

-Change of clothes, towel, sunblock, etc. It's amazing what a fresh pair of socks can do to your mental morale.

We are planning to have a "meet and greet" along with check in/registration open Friday evening. More details on that soon.

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